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Get up to £50 Cashback on Roulette

Lots of things bring a tear to our eyes - a forgotten-about-brew that’s gone cold, the opposite team scoring in the 89th minute, biting into a slice of pizza only to realise it’s hotter than the sun. (We could go on but we know you’re busy so we’ll stop, we have a point though, honest we do) - but nothing is worse than the feeling of finding yourself on a losing streak. That’s why we’re now offering up to £50 cashback on any losses during your first day.

What: £50 cashback on any losses during your first day (we may have just said that).

How: Just deposit £5+ to get 100% cashback on your losses up to £50 when you play any Roulette game (see, you don’t need to be as cunning as a fox to take advantage of this epic offer).

Which Games: Any Roulette games.

Terms and Conditions

  • The £50 Cashback on Roulette Promotion is valid between 1st February 2017 and the day we withdraw the £50 Cashback on Roulette Promotion, which we may do at any time without notice by ceasing to makethe Promotion available on our website.
  • This promotion is only available to new customers who join Foxy Casino during the period mentioned above.
  • The term cashback means a 100% return of any net real money losses incurredwhile playing Foxy Casino games on the day you registered for a Real Money account, up to a maximum of £50.
  • The minimum deposit required to participate in this offer is £5.
  • The minimum amount that will be paid as a cashback reward will be no less than £1.
  • The maximum amount for cashback reward will not exceed £50.
  • Only gameplay on Foxy Casino roulette games is applicable for this Promotion.
  • Only Real Money bets will count towards the cashback reward.
  • Bets made with bonus funds will not be used in the calculation of cashback rewards.All cashback payments will be credited to your account the following weekday.
  • Foxy Casino reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.
  • Play responsibly,
  • All promotions on are subject to our General Terms & Conditions.