Ring, ring, hello? The linking rings trick is a classic optical illusion, more commonly known as the 'Chinese Linking Rings'.

In the clip of Ross performing the rout+F2:F7+F3ine at the Théâtre de l'Empire, Paris, we see him connecting and disconnecting a series of large metal rings, as if they are dissolving through one another. Richard Ross is definitely not the weakest link.

The Magic Revealed

The Linking Rings trick is one of oldest out there. It is so simple yet, if pulled off with enough talent, also mind boggling. A typical set of linking rings will have a mixture of solid rings and trick rings. The trick rings will contain some kind of opening, depending on the type of trick ring the magician uses. It may have a simple opening that can be concealed by sleight of hand, or some kind of mechanism that can be controlled by the prestidigitator. The last thing that needs to go into the performance to make it look as convincing as possible is a smooth handling and the perfect knowledge of the routine.

Richard Ross, born in 1946, was a Dutch magician. Unlike most other famous magicians, he did not develop an interest in magic from an early age, in fact he didn’t even purchase his first trick until he was 16 years of age. Magic for Richard began merely as a pastime, but soon developed into a career and he became famous for the art. Throughout his life as a magician, he won a number of awards: the 1970 World Champion Magic, the 1973 World Champion Magic, the 1991 Winner of the Golden Pin, and most prestigious of all, the ‘Performer Fellowship Award’, which is considered the Oscars of the magic world.