One of the most fascinating transition performances in the history of magic: a lady turning into a beautiful white tiger.

She is seen dancing inside the translucent box which is lowered down to the stage. The audience takes a closer look before the curtain is drawn around the container. It’s raised back up into the air above the stage and, after a mere matter of seconds, the curtain drops, revealing an enormous tiger pacing around in the small space. The cage then lowers to the stage again, and one of the magical duo leads the tiger off stage.

The Magic Revealed

Using such a large and dangerous animal to carry out this illusion makes it even more difficult to guess the trick involved. Hiding a rabbit or a bird like is seen in some other tricks is impressive but animals of that size are a lot easier to conceal than a giant white tiger. So how did a woman apparently morph into a tiger in under 60 seconds?! The tiger is actually inside the box at all times, just concealed behind a pretend wall. What really makes the magic come to life is the speed and precision of the timing that the swap beneath the curtain is done. The lady in the cage must drop down into a secret area in the base of the cage and pull down the wall concealing the tiger, all in the space of time when the curtain is over the box. The tiger appears to take up so much space in the box when it is revealed that is seems almost impossible that it could have ever been in there before, but it is amazing what a trick of the eye and some secret panelling can achieve!

Siegfried and Roy, born 1939 and 1944 are an American-German magic and illusionist double act who are most eminent for their work with white tigers and lions. The pair met when they were both working on-board a ship, Siegfried as a magician and Roy as a waiter. They began performing on the ship together but were later fired for bringing a live cheetah aboard the boat! They were hired to perform shows at a German night club and this launched their showbiz career, touring Europe and soon advanced to the glitzy and glamourous world of Las Vegas where they resided until 2003. They had been using live big-cats as part of their stage shows ever since the beginning, so were used to the volatile nature of the creatures, but one crucial incident during a show put an end to their career. Roy was dragged across the stage by a large white tiger names Montecore. The magic pair insist that the tiger meant to cause no harm, and that Roy actually suffered from a stroke, which the tiger was aware of and was attempting to help him. Even so, the incident ended the pair’s career in performance and they now run a menagerie in Vegas together.