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The Most Beautiful Casinos In Europe The Most Beautiful Casinos In Europe

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Let's start the road trip! presents to you our hand-picked collection of beautiful European casinos. Whilst online casino's can look great, there are real world casinos which are unrivalled in terms of elegance and beauty, magnificently exhibiting the rich cultural heritage of Europe. From the luxuriant, timeless splendor of Baden-Baden’s Black Forest Casino to Monaco’s lavishly decorated and exclusive Casino de Monte Carlo, these casinos manage to celebrate tradition and history while at the same time catering for contemporary tastes.

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Casino Baden-Baden Germany

Set in the plush green surroundings of Germany’s Black Forest, this sumptuously decorated casino is something to behold. As part of the Kurhaus Spa Resort which dates back to 1824, Casino Baden Baden is the epitome of 19th century chic.

Its gaming tables have been graced by the likes of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, who wrote a book about his experiences there, as well as Marlene Dietrich who described it as the most beautiful casino in the world. Ornately decorated throughout in a Baroque style similar to that of the Palace of Versailles, the interior is a melange of sparkling chandeliers, intricately detailed plaster moldings and stunning vaulted ceilings.Dramatic blood-red carpets are also thrown in, just for good measure.

Casino Baden-Baden is unashamedly old-school when it comes to its gaming and features classical French roulette and a collection of blackjack and poker tables. However, modern gambling habits are also catered for with over 140 slot games machines, video slots and touch-screen machines that wouldn’t look out of place in Las Vegas’ Bellagio Hotel.

However, in keeping with old-world sensibilities these modern contraptions are all safely tucked away in a separately accessible section of the casino. One of the most exquisitely conceived casinos in the world.

Feierling Restaurant and Brewerie

During your journey to the Campione d'italia, be sure to put some time aside for the Feierling Restaurant and Brewerie. This enormous pub is laid out over three floors and also features a beer garden during the summer months. The beer which is brewed on-site is considered to be the finest in town - there’s also a good menu which includes simple, traditional Black Forest dishes.

Swissotel Basel Hotel

Swissotel is a large four-star establishment which is situated in the heart of Basel. It’s an elegant, conveniently located hotel with over 200 spacious rooms. All are equipped with satellite TV and LCD televisions as well as free Wi-Fi. There’s also an in-house sauna and steam room in which to recharge those batteries.

Tibits Veggie Restaurant

For excellent homemade vegetarian dishes, visit Tibits Restaurant in Zurich. Serving soups, salads, freshly-pressed juices and desserts in a buffet-styled eatery, Tibits offers easy-going dining in a unique, laid back environment.

Hotel des Balances

The Hotel des Balances is located in the charming 18th century town of Luzern. This well appointed four-star establishment has 56 tastefully-decorated rooms with all the latest mod-cons including Wi-Fi, flat screen televisions and direct-dial telephones. Some include balconies from which guests can enjoy views of the Reuss River, which the hotel overlooks.

Casino di Campione Italy

Casino di Campione is by far the largest casino in Europe. It was designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta in 2007 and boasts more than 55,000 square metres of floor space. Overlooking the shores of the stunning Lake Lugano, the site actually dates back to 1933. But unlike Casino Baden-Baden, which is a triumph of classical design, the Casino di Campione is a breathtaking example of modern architecture at its finest.

On the outside, towering golden slaps cradle a slatted structure which houses the casino. These slabs are illuminated at night by floodlight so that the casino can be seen for miles around – it’s actually visible on the opposite shores of the lake some 48 km away. The interior is a honeycomb of cheerful decadence.

Laid out over 9 floors, there are 28 elevators and 4 escalators that whisk visitors around a cavernous space featuring 500 (yes 500) slot machines as well as 56 casino games tables. Classical French games such as roulette and baccarat are readily available as well as numerous American games including poker, black jack and craps. If all this wasn’t enough, there’s also a gourmet restaurant for fine-dining as well as a theatre.

Taverna Valtellinese Restaurant

This beautifully decorated eatery specialises in traditional Italian dishes and has attained high ratings on sites such as Trip Advisor. Like all good restaurants, their well-priced dishes are prepared using only local ingredients.

Lake Garda

Before heading to Casino Campione, take some time to enjoy the delights of Lake Garda. It is Italy’s biggest lake featuring some wonderful Alpine mountain vistas at its Northern End. There are also numerous picturesque villages and towns on its shores such as the ancient fortified community of Sirmione with its beautifully-preserved Scaliger Castle.

Casino di Venezia Italy

Established in 1638, this is the oldest gaming house in the world by quite a long way. It’s housed on two sites, one of which is a handsome Renaissance palace known as the Ca 'Vendramin Calergi. Designed in the 15th century the building stands three-stories high and features a stunning facade which overlooks Venice’s Grand Canal.

At one time, it housed the Doges of Venice as well as the famed composer Richard Wagner. Although there’s a museum commemorating the great man, the interior is dominated by the casino. In addition to 600 slot machines, there’s also a wide variety of table games such as fair roulette, black jack and Texas Hold ’Em. In addition, there’s a collection of classical games which are not often found in modern casinos such as Punto Banco and the 17th century game Trente et Quarante.

The other facility, Ca’ Noghera is near Marco Polo Airport and is an American-style casino. Opened in 1999, there is more than 5000 square metres of floor space which includes a dedicated poker room as well as numerous tables for roulette, black jack and Caribbean poker. There’s also an entertainment area for staging concerts and theatrical productions.

Impronta Café

For a sophisticated dining experience but at affordable prices, visit the Impronta Café. The cuisine is traditionally Italian and there’s also a specials list that changes on a daily basis. Primarily aimed at younger people, the restaurant’s ambience is relaxed and friendly with customer satisfaction a major priority.

Acquario di Genova Aquarium

Before leaving Italy and heading for Monte Carlo, it’s worth paying a visit to Europe’s largest aquarium. Home to more than 500 species of fish housed in 71 separate tanks, the Acquario di Genova is one of the country’s most popular visitor attractions with over 1 million passing through its doors every year.

All About Apple Museum, Savona

This fascinating museum exhibits a vast collection of computers and peripherals and boasts a catalogue of over 1000 personal computers from a variety of manufacturers including Apple, Atari, Commodore, and Olivetti. It’s a great place to learn about the evolution of the personal computer.

Casino de Monte Carlo Monaco

Monaco is arguably the most popular playground for the world’s rich. Situated on the stunning French Riviera this tiny principality is considered to be the richest place on earth. Fitting then, that its home to such a legendary casino in which to spend all that money.

The Casino de Monte Carlo was designed by architect Charles Garnier whose other work included the Paris Opera House. It is set in formal, well-manicured gardens which afford outstanding views over Monaco. The lavish interior is decorated in the Belle Epoque (Beautiful Era) style of the late 19th century and is split into different salons, each one dedicated to different games. So in the Salle Europe, you can enjoy roulette, baccarat and trente et quarante. The Salle des Ameriques plays host to games such as blackjack while the Atrium and Salle Blanche offers a variety of slot machines.

During the summer months, the casino’s much-vaunted terrace is opened, allowing all the well-heeled players to enjoy the casino’s table games outside. The views of the Mediterranean are said to be awe-inspiring. This is surely one of the most beautiful settings for a casino in the world.

Thermes Marins Spa

Those looking for a health kick during their stay in Monte Carlo, could do a lot worse than to visit this state-of-the-art spa facility. Equipped with a heated seawater pool as well as a Jacuzzi and solarium, not to mention a whole host of therapy and treatment rooms, the Thermes Marins is one of Monaco’s most outstanding health spas.

Beefbar Restaurant

The Beefbar in Monaco is one of six branches around the world specialising in a la carte cuisine for meat lovers. Monaco’s restaurant is lucky enough to have the esteemed Thierry Paludetto as its chef. His menu features dishes from countries like Japan, the US and Australia. To ensure the highest quality at all times, the restaurant also has its own resident butcher who offers advice to customers while they choose their cuts.

Oliviera Shop and Restaurant

During your stay in Nice it’s worth paying a visit to this homely little restaurant on the Rue du Collet. Run by a husband and wife team, the Oliviera serves good, wholesome French dishes which are made only with locally-sourced ingredients.

Keisuke Matushima Restaurant

If you need a break from the casino floor, look out for this acclaimed restaurant. It serves French cuisine in an oriental setting and has been well-received by critics. Chef Keisuke Matushima offers his own interpretation of traditional Gallic dishes by including Japanese elements in their preparation.

Mayabay Restaurant, Monaco

Specialising in Thai, Japanese and now Moroccan cuisine, this outstanding restaurant has received numerous accolades including Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence. All dishes are authentic and served from superbly conceived menus in a space which oozes both Asian and Monegasque refinement. The terraced area, overlooking the establishment’s well-manicured gardens is a delight.

Casino Du Palais De La Méditerranée Nice, France

The Casino du Palais de la Méditerranée was originally a beautifully-designed art-deco casino overlooking the Mediterranean. It was built in the late 1920s and featured a beautiful marble staircase, crystal chandeliers and huge stained-glass windows.

The front facade closely resembled the Paris Opera House while the south facade was adorned with female figures and sea horses carved by French sculptor, Antoine Sartorio. Despite all this, the casino was demolished in 1990 to be replaced by a modern resort complex. Nevertheless, the new build has managed to capture the spirit of the original casino.

Like its predecessor, it plays hosts to all kinds of entertainment throughout the year and is renowned for the shows and concerts held there. In its hey-day the original casino attracted the likes of Charlie Chaplin as well as a host of other celebrities keen to sample the delights of Southern France.

Although not as large as many of the other casinos mentioned here, it is still able to accommodate a considerable number of slot machines, around 200 in fact. There are six live game tables with classics such as blackjack and roulette played until the wee small hours.

Hotel Negresco Hotel, Nice

The well-appointed Hotel Negresco is a must-see during any stay in Nice. This highly-respected establishment is home to the Le Chantecler Restaurant, whose resident chef Jean-Denis Rieubland is the holder of two Michelin stars. His dishes are inspired by the cuisine of Provence and there’s a rather large cellar which houses over 15,000 wines.

Indian Restaurant Karmacola

By now you might have gotten bored of European cuisine. Karmacola is a highly praised Indian Restaurant in Turin with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options on the menu too.

Juventus Stadium

Football fans that decide to explore Europe's most beautiful casinos should not miss out on a visit to the Juventus Stadium in Turin. If there are no matches at the time of your visit, be sure to check out the Juventus Museum located in the stadium.

Casino Barrière de Chamonix France

The Casino Barrière is one of Chamonix’s most prominent landmarks and dates back to France’s Second Empire. The build has a rich heritage, so much so that many of its rooms are officially listed. The casino is housed in the former Royal Hotel, where Napoleon III stayed in 1860. And although tiny in comparison to some of the behemoths previously mentioned, it does offer a collection of slot machines and a reasonable number of live game tables.

Many of the usual classic casino games are available as well including Blackjack and English and French Roulette. Poker is also played although cash games are forbidden. Despite its grand history, the Casino Barrière de Chamonix offers a relaxed ambience in which to enjoy a spot of gambling. Like any good casino, it’s not just about the game tables or slot machines.

There’s also a variety of shows and concerts held throughout the year to entertain visitors wishing to take a break from the casino floor. And the quaint little Cafe Royale offers a haven for exhausted gamblers to either recover from their losses or to celebrate their winnings with a glass of wine.