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Foxy Casino takes pride in offering the very best customer support, helping to make your gaming experience with us as enjoyable as possible in a safe and secure online environment.

We want you to get to the answers to any questions you may have as quickly and easily as possible so we have separated this sections into several parts:

Contact us - If you are seeking advice from one of our customer support representatives or have a question relating to promotions or our web-master, please click here

Getting Started - This section should contain all you need to get you off and running. Please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions - Our FAQ page contain many answers spanning a whole range of subjects including our games and your account. Click here for this very informative page.

How to Play - If you want to understand more about the games and how they play then this is for you Click here to read more.

System Requirements - Here you will find all the info on what you need to join and play at our site. Please Click here for quick-fire guide.